Sneak peek! Also, hello!


Hello, and welcome to my new Sims blog. This blog will be primarily used to document my Sims challenges. I have Sims 2, 3, and 4, but I primarily play Sims 4 nowadays. I had a go at the Prosperity Challenge a couple of times in Sims 2, but never completed it. I’m loving Sims 4 so far, despite all the nay-saying. So I decided it would be fun to try the Prosperity Challenge again, all fresh and updated, Sims 4 style. It’s just a coincidence that I’ve decided to start this a couple of weeks before moving, and not at all an excuse to procrastinate on packing… Total coincidence.

Someone has posted an updated rule list here, so I won’t go into full detail. Basically the gist of the challenge is, the player sort of creates a whole town from scratch, populated by playable Sims. You roll the dice (or use a random number generator like I did) for the number of families to start out with, the number of people in each family, age, gender, traits, etc. It’s a pretty involved process, but kind of fun if you’re detail-obsessed like I am. I ended up with three starting families – bios will follow in later posts.

I’m still setting up the town, so I haven’t started playing yet. It will take a while to get started on the challenge, as I’ve decided to demolish every lot and build all new homes and community lots myself. Because I like to make things as hard as possible, I guess.

But I’m really liking how the first family’s house is turning out so far, so here are a few shots of the outside.
Here are two shots of the front, from different angles:
07-12-15_11-34 PM 07-12-15_11-34 PM-2

And here’s a view of the back.
07-12-15_11-36 PM

It needs some work – the window placement is kind of wonky. But it’s still one of the coolest houses I’ve built in Sims 4. Once the family earns some money, they can spruce it up and make it look nicer. For now, this is a good start!

That’s all I’ve got to post for now! I’m pretty busy with reality lately, so I don’t know when I’ll get started actually playing the challenge, but there may be more previews later this month. If you’ve managed to stumble across this page without my specifically asking you to view it because you are either A) dating me or B) my dawg (you know who you are), thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates!


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