Breed Out the Ugly Challenge – Chapter 1: It Begins


The challenge officially begins! Melody, new to the Willow Creek neighborhood, has no job, only $76 left after buying her house, and no friends. Since this is a breeding challenge, she will focus on meeting potential mates first, and try to earn some money a little later. Her first unsuspecting new “friend” is Eric Lewis, a reasonably good looking man who looks to be a little younger than Melody. She spots him walking down the sidewalk, and stops to introduce herself. Now, imagine, if you will, you’re taking a nice, leisurely morning stroll along the river bank, when suddenly you’re confronted with this:

“Hel-lo, sailor!” 😉

At first, he doesn’t seem to know what to think. He stares cautiously in disbelief.

09-05-15_4-16 PM


09-05-15_4-31 PM


09-05-15_4-37 PM


This goes on for a while.

But Melody is undeterred. She chats him up like a pro. She asks him questions about his hobbies, likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, goals, fears… She learns that he’s a stay-at-home dad. Perfect! We already know he’s good with kids. He’s sure to spawn some beautiful children. So then she asks the question she’s been dying to ask… “Are you single?”

09-05-15_4-42 PM

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. No. I’m married. No.”

Married? A minor setback. Besides, Mrs. Lewis doesn’t have to know… Melody tries her hand at a little light flirtation, complimenting his appearance. “I like your bald head… It looks so smooth!”

09-05-15_4-16 PM


09-05-15_6-22 PM


It does not go well. Eric quickly makes his way down the sidewalk, looking back over his shoulder once or twice and steadily quickening his pace.

No worries. There are still plenty of fish in the sea, as they say. Cuter fish. Blonder fish.

09-05-15_6-34 PM

Ooh, la la.

09-05-15_6-37 PM

“How you doin’?”

Travis Scott seems much more receptive to to Melody’s advances. He and Melody are really hitting it off, but suddenly for whatever reason, he abruptly says goodbye and hurries away.

No matter. Because Melody suddenly spies another potential suitor across the street…
09-05-15_6-28 PM
…None other than Don Lothario himself. Surely a notorious man-whore like Don would be open to some no-strings-attached woohoo. Melody chats him up for a few minutes, then asks if he’d like to come inside.

“Pun intended?” 😉

Always DTW (down to woohoo), Don accepts the invitation. And D-Lo moves quickly.

Okay, that is unsettling.

Okay, that is unsettling.

It’s Melody’s first kiss! Don looks terrified. Possibly because his face is being impaled by a pointy, blue nose.

09-05-15_6-56 PM


09-05-15_6-57 PM


In no time at all, the two hop into bed for Melody’s first woohoo. Note that the game announced that it was Melody’s first time, and made no mention of Don.

Afterwards, Melody pops into the bathroom for a pregnancy test. Don, for reasons unexplained, wanders in to watch, glass of milk in hand.

Not even joking, he actually tried to take it into the shower with him.

Not even joking, he actually tried to take it into the shower with him.

Success! The test is positive. In three Sim days or so, Melody will give birth to a little D-Lo/mutant hybrid. Finished with Don, and needing to fulfill a Chief of Mischief aspiration requirement to make two enemies, she picks a bitter fight with him, starting by cricicizing his woohoo technique and ending by insinuating that his mother may, in fact, be a llama. Don leaves in a huff, and Melody celebrates having made her first enemy and her first baby.

Her speech bubble had a picture of a fish on a hook?

Her speech bubble had a picture of a fish on a hook?

Well, that’s all for now! I will leave you with this random shot of Melody cooking grilled cheese, which I think really showcases her beauty.


She looks like an aardvark.

More to come soon!


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