Breed Out the Ugly Challenge – Chapter 7: Merry Grossmas!


Hello, and welcome, as always, to the Gross family’s humble home. When we last left off, Milton had aged up into a strapping young buck with a prominent beak.

12-17-15_10-08-35 PM

And those goddamn sideburns.

His birthday party was a success (with a gold score this time!), and now things have settled back down. The kids head off to school the next day, and the next twenty-four hours pass pretty uneventfully.
The next day, Wednesday, is about the same. Until after school, when Kaiden’s noodly-headed self comes home to play that typing game he’s so fond of. And then it happens – He beats his record and gets a high score! Which means he’s finally completed his Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.

12-19-15_5-42-22 PM

Seriously, it’s about time.

Noodles decides to copy his more successful brother, Vincenzo, and determines that his next goal is to be a Social Butterfly. Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.
Kaiden’s belated success isn’t the only thing the Gross family has to celebrate. Turns out today is Melody’s birthday! I honestly had no idea, and it looks like no one else did, either. Melody arrives home (in a rather villainous looking outfit, I might add) to find that absolutely no birthday preparations have been made. Melody acts out to get their attention…
12-23-15_10-51-55 PM
…By setting the freaking llama game on fire.

12-23-15_10-52-28 PM

Look at that face. That is a face of a woman who gives no fucks whatsoever.

Melody laughs maniacally as her children’s beloved game is reduced to a pile of ash.

12-23-15_10-53-09 PM

She really sells it in this outfit.

Her shrieks of laughter wake up Slim, who wanders in to kindly ask his mom to shut the fuck up.
12-23-15_10-53-40 PM

But upon seeing the flames on the table, he panics. Melody decides that her reckless prank has gone on long enough, and whips out her trusty fire extinguisher to put out the blaze.
12-23-15_10-54-13 PM
Suffice it to say that the kids got the hint. Tense from the fire, and terrified of their mom’s vengeful pyromania, they get to work decorating the house for a party. Iris bakes a cake and works on the kitchen.

12-23-15_11-27-55 PM

While Kaiden strikes some dumbass pose in the living room.

But hey, why stop there? Friday was Christmas, after all. Why not make this a Christmas party, too? So while Iris decorates the kitchen, Milton decorates the yard with as many garish Christmas decorations as the family can afford.

12-23-15_10-07-00 PM

Yeah, they’re that family.

Not content yet with her family’s attempt to apologize for forgetting her birthday, Melody forces them to don festive outfits.

12-26-15_6-47-23 PM

She is finally satisfied once she sees the look of pure resentment on Milt’s face.

Having successfully humiliated her offspring, Melody is feeling ready to celebrate! Time to blow out those candles.
12-26-15_6-48-38 PM

The party was largely uneventful, so sorry, I didn’t take any pictures. The same thing happened where the goal to have three Sims playing games wouldn’t fulfill. So honestly, I just got pissed and ended the party at silver level. Yaaaaaay.

Melody did manage to get everyone in the same place and facing the same direction long enough to take a family Christmas photo. Sort of.

12-26-15_7-06-14 PM

Iris just had to stand in front to show off her sweater, with the unintended consequence of blocking her brothers.

Even though the party was lackluster, one good thing did come from it – Slim and Noodles became Best Friends Forever.

12-26-15_10-26-29 PM


That’s all I’ve got for you tonight! It’s a shorter entry than usual, since I’ve been busy with holiday stuff. Tune in next time for the twins’ birthday! I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to see how they turn out.


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