Breed Out the Ugly Challenge – Chapter 8: The Twins Age Up!!!!!


Welcome back! I hope everyone had a happy new year! Sorry it’s taken so long to update. As always, my pesky real life is interfering with my much more important life simulation.

Our last chapter was pretty brief – Just some holiday cheer, Melody’s birthday, and oh yeah, fire!

12-23-15_10-53-40 PM

Well, now we know where Milton gets it.

The next morning, the kids are tasked with cleaning up after the party. Kaiden dutifully picks up all the dishes that the party guests left all over the goddamn floor (were they born in a barn?!), still dressed in his elf suit.

12-26-15_10-16-03 PM

I think he the elf look suits him, actually.

Meanwhile, Iris has changed out of her modest Christmas outfit (well, modest for her) and into some sleepwear that feels truer to her promiscuous nature. She takes a break from kitchen duty to snap some raunchy selfies.

12-26-15_10-30-32 PM


Later, Slim skips school to mack on the ladies work on finishing his Social Butterfly aspiration. He continues to be smooth as fuck.

12-27-15_12-11-16 AM

At least she’s closer to his own age this time.

He does end up completing his aspiration, and his new aspiration is Artistic Prodigy. Which would be soooo awesome if he could complete, what with The Real Slim Shady being a musician and all. But alas, there’s probably not enough time to complete a whole aspiration in just a day. Vincenzo, like all you other Slim Shadies, is just imitating.

Oh, and Kaiden? Yeah, Kaiden is off somewhere hunting for fossils. We all know he’s not completing that social aspiration before he ages up. It’s not even worth trying.

12-27-15_12-57-01 PM

I still love Kaiden though, little noodly fuckup that he is.

The day passes uneventfully – a nice, easy day for a change. But the next day is the twins’ birthday! Luckily it’s a Saturday, so there’s no school, and plenty of time for Melody and the older kids to get ready. Time to get baking.

12-27-15_1-03-39 PM

I love Melody in her work outfit, by the way. It makes everything she does seem super sinister, even baking. Like, maybe that’s a poison cake batter or something.

I should mention that Melody recently got promoted and had to choose between the Boss branch and Oracle branch. It was a tough call. The Oracle branch is something I haven’t played through before, and its Matrix-y vibe really appeals to me. But it didn’t seem to fit Melody’s goofy personality. Plus, I really like her in the mob boss outfit. So in the end, she chose Boss.

Buuuuut… It turns out the daily task for the Boss branch is to perform mean interactions! Which seems really out of character for Melody, too. Melody’s a prankster, but not mean-spirited in nature. So I usually have her do something mean to a stranger, then immediately apologize, then say something mean again, and then apologize. It’s pretty absurd.

But today… Look who’s at the door!
12-27-15_1-13-16 PM

You may remember Travis Scott from earlier chapters. He and Melody had a whirlwind romance, and his handsome genetics are the reason Slim’s got a fighting chance at ending this challenge on the first generation. But when Melody told him that she was pregnant with his child(ren)…

10-03-15_5-46-42 PM

He bailed, fast. Since then, Melody hasn’t spoken to him, and has allowed him no contact with the boys. And he has the nerve to come around on their birthday? Well, this seems like the perfect opportunity to get her daily mean interactions out of the way.

She starts, of course, by criticizing his woohoo technique.

12-27-15_1-41-19 PM

“You were even worse than Don Lothario!”

Next, she insults his outfit.

12-27-15_1-43-52 PM

“Ooh, look at meeee, I wear argyle!”

But then… Oh, this just got more interesting. Look who else has showed up… It’s Milton’s dad, Eric Lewis!

12-27-15_1-46-24 PM

Still rocking those facial expressions, I see.

Melody hasn’t seen Eric in ages, but she can’t resist a chance to piss off Travis. She plants a little kiss on Eric’s cheek.

12-27-15_1-48-32 PM

Travis’s face!! 😀

It has the desired effect, on both men.
12-27-15_1-48-47 PM

As Melody lays it on thick with Eric, Travis appears shocked at first…
12-27-15_1-49-11 PM

But gradually, his expression settles into a look of disgusted resignation.

12-27-15_1-49-21 PM

Or resigned disgust?

After a while, Eric catches on and feels a little gross about everything. Feeling used and embarrassed, he finds an excuse to leave.

12-27-15_1-50-16 PM

Worth it.

Satisfied with how thoroughly she’s pissed off Travis, Melody tells him off one last time, and orders him to leave.

12-27-15_1-52-15 PM

“Your mother is a llama, now GTFO.”

Now that she’s cleared out the riff-raff, she can finally throw her kids the birthday party they deserve.

The guests arrive, and Slim steps up to the counter to check out his cake. He’s a simple boy with simple tastes, so Melody has baked him a plain chocolate cake. Time to blow out those candles…

12-27-15_2-47-45 PM

Not really sure what’s happening with his eyes here…

In a blinding flash of light and buttsparkles, Vincenzo Gross becomes a man. What will the new, grown-up Slim look like?

12-27-15_2-49-43 PM


Ooooookay. Wow. Well, he looks… mostly normal, I guess? But he’s swapped out his Eminem look for a full-blown hipster ensemble. Just… No. Those glasses and hat (and those fucking sideburns) have got to go.

12-27-15_2-50-14 PM

Milton’s pissed because Slim’s the only one in the family with a nose normal enough to wear a pair of glasses less than four inches away from his face.

Slim’s new teen trait is Genius, like his mom, and his aspiration is now Painter Extraordinaire. Bummer. I was so hoping he’d get the music aspiration. But the painting aspiration is super lucrative, so it’s not all bad.

Next up is Kaiden, who has requested a zombie cake, because why the fuck not, it’s Kaiden. I’m going to miss that dog shirt.

12-27-15_2-52-54 PM

Nice neck seam, bro.

With another flash, Kaiden joins his brother in the world of men. This is the moment I know a lot of you have been waiting for, as have I… How freakish is Kaiden going to look now?
12-27-15_2-53-24 PM

Yeaaaah! Kaiden grows up with the signature Gross nose, no chin, and overall doofy look. Always jealous of his cooler, better looking twin, he’s attempted to out-hipster Slim with this slick fedora.

12-27-15_2-54-33 PM

And yes, the sideburns.

Kaiden’s new trait is Self Assured, like his deadbeat, asshole dad. Hopefully, he won’t take the same path as his father, though, because his new aspiration is Big Happy Family. I look forward to aging him up and breeding a whole town full of freakbabies.

True to his Geek trait, Kaiden’s first action as a teen is to spend half an hour playing games on his phone with Dandre.

12-27-15_2-54-55 PM

Who is dressed super cool, as always.

But playing games turns out to fulfill the party goal to have three Sims playing games at the same time! FINALLY, after a long string of mediocre silver parties, the Gross twins reach gold level on their birthday party and earn the coveted dresser reward… which is promptly sold. It seems fitting that this would be the party to break the silver streak, since this is the day that the Gross family Breed Out the Ugly challenge’s heir is chosen. Which is of course Vincenzo, no contest.

Having changed into outfits and hairstyles that suit them better, the twins enjoy some cake while the party winds down. Slimcenzo is clean-shaven and back in his hoodie, while Kaiden has opted to keep the hat and go with more of a hipster nerd look. Sans sideburns.

01-02-16_2-17-20 PM

And this sweet Triforce shirt. Edit: You can find it here! Thanks so much to Amber for leaving a comment with the link.

After the party, Slim unwinds by painting a cute little llama at sunset.

01-02-16_3-10-48 PM

He may look tough on the outside, but he’s all fuzzy llamas on the inside.

Now, before anyone tries to say that Slim’s already won the challenge on the first round, here are a couple of picture that prove otherwise. Vincenzo still has some of Melody’s less extreme features. The most visible are the large cheekbones, which wouldn’t win him any beauty contests, but aren’t that weird. But his body is just kind of… off.
01-02-16_3-21-24 PM

Scrawny in the chest, oddly wide in the abdominal region, with skinny upper legs, and Melody’s cankles. And he seems kind of slumped over, too. So we’ve still got at least one more generation to play.

01-09-16_3-44-26 PM

Well, this has been quite the eventful chapter! Now that the twins have aged up, they’re ready to join their older siblings in that confusing, chaotic teenage life full of high school homework…

01-09-16_9-02-11 PM

You already know what I’m going to say here… Smooth as fuck.

Embarrassing after-school jobs…

01-09-16_8-49-10 PM

High as fuck.

And, um… bodily changes.

01-09-16_8-36-13 PM

Looks like Slim’s not slim where it counts! 😉

All right, so… It looks like Slim could use some privacy right about now, so maybe it’s time to bring this chapter to a close. Thanks for reading, as always! To help you block out that last image of Vincenzo “discovering himself”, I’ll leave you with this shot of Kaiden enjoying a rejected sandwich from his new job. Sometimes picky customers aren’t all bad!

01-09-16_8-40-08 PM

Kaiden is my spirit animal.

Happy simming! ^_^


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