Breed Out the Ugly Challenge: Reader Poll!


Hey, all! First off, I am so sorry forever, for always taking so long to write a new chapter! My excuse this time is that my sister has returned my Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess disk, and now I am in full-blown Zelda Addict Mode. And I’ve been neglecting my Sims once again. 😥

But I am working on writing Chapter 10, and it looks like the twins are about to finally age up! I’ve been thinking recently, and I realized that I’ve been viewing this challenge too much like a legacy. I never really meant for it to be one, or else I would have just called it a Prettacy like we would have called it back in Ye Olde Sims 2 Days. I’m not keeping score, and I’m damn sure not playing through ten generations… So why have I been acting like I have to pick one “heir” to have the next generation of children, when in fact all four of Melody’s kids could potentially spawn a normal-looking child? Plus… I kind of want to see all of the other kids’ freakspawn.

On the other hand, I have definitely been hyping up Slim as the sole heir to the Gross throne. So I thought some readers might feel disappointed, betrayed, outraged!! …if I suddenly changed my tune.

So I’m asking you, dear readers, to please vote in my poll. All kids, or just Slim? The poll will remain open until Friday, March 18 at 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. After that, I will age the twins up and post the next chapter.

Exercise your right to vote for totally inconsequential shit on the internet! Please select one of the two options in the poll. Oh, and sorry for the poor image quality on the poll page… It can’t be helped! And please let me know if the poll doesn’t work!

As Diddy would say…


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