Septuplets Challenge: Introduction and Rules


Hey guys! As I mentioned in my last post, real life and the Breed out the Ugly Challenge had me so overwhelmed, I didn’t post for a year. But I’ve been getting back into the Sims again, and with the new Parenting game pack I’ve been wanting to try a few different challenges. So while I will of course continue blogging the Gross family’s saga, I will also be blogging at least one other challenge, as more of a just-for-fun thing.

I’m going to start with what I’m calling the Septuplets Challenge.

06-06-17_11-39-22 PM

Even just looking at this picture, I’m already getting anxiety.

I don’t claim to have invented this concept or anything. I’ve found a couple of variations on this. The Seven Toddler Challenge was pretty popular after the toddler update came out. You can find James Turner’s original video here or view the basic rules here. But my version has a twist… I’m starting off with seven babies. I did find one blogger doing this in Sims 3 for a series they called Septomom, which I found thoroughly entertaining.

Fair warning: I’m making this up as I go. Here are the basic rules I’ve come up with:

  • Start off with one adult and seven babies. Mods* (or possibly cheats?) are necessary to accomplish this.
  • I’m playing on the normal lifespan.
  • I’m avoiding custom content/mods that would make items significantly cheaper or offer a higher motive increase than the standard in-game items – the exception is the parent’s bed. Because there is no way a parent of seven is going to get enough sleep on those cheap Maxis beds. If you want to be stricter or looser with this rule, go ahead. The kids are still super difficult to care for, regardless.
  • No money or motive cheats.
  • No aspiration rewards like the Sleep Replacement potion. I think traits like Speedy Cleaner and Frugal and any of the ones that boost the skill points earned are okay, but no rewards that fulfill basic needs or slow down need decay.
  • No nannies, maids, or butlers. You can hire a repairman/woman if you want (because honestly what normal person knows how to fix a fridge anyway?), but I’m trying to avoid it
  • The mysteriously free “daycare” option is definitely not allowed.
  • The donor parent cannot visit and help with any parenting duties.
  • Guests are not allowed until after the toddler stage is complete – as guests tend to butt in and try to care for the children.
  • The home parent cannot leave the home lot while the children are still babies. During the toddler and child stage, all seven children would have to go with the parent. Or if they’re at school, the parent can leave but must be back before the children arrive home. Because this is Amurrica, land of “no child left behind”.
  • The home parent can roam the home neighborhood (while the home lot is still the active lot) to collect items or interact with other Sims, but it’s best to stay close to the house during the baby and toddler stages.
  • The home parent can’t have a job outside the home. Honestly, I don’t know that they’ll have time to even try a stay-at-home job from the City Living pack, but try it if you dare – just don’t let them leave the house without taking all seven kids.
  • The home parent and children are allowed and encouraged to make money at home from any hobbies, collecting objects, etc.
  • The only exceptions for earning money are dates and frog breeding. The parent cannot sell the ice bucket thingies from gold level dates. Frogs can be collected from the wild and sold, but the can’t be bred. That would just be too easy, if you have eight people breeding $120 Whirlyflower frogs every day. The exception to the frog breeding restriction is if a Sim has the Curator aspiration. They can breed strategically for the sake of completing the collection, but not just to breed expensive frogs to sell.
  • None of the children can be aged up early, at any life stage. They’re septuplets, after all, it wouldn’t make sense for some of them to be at different life stages than their siblings. They can be aged up with birthday cake once the game has announced “It’s So-and-So’s birthday!” for all seven children.
  • Above all, the goal of the challenge is survival and avoiding any children being taken away by Social Services.
  • I haven’t decided yet if the challenge ends when the kids age up to teens, or if I’ll make it last until young adulthood. If you don’t have the Parenting pack, it might not be much of a challenge after the teen stage, as teens are 100% capable of taking care of themselves.

*Regarding the mods I used: I started off using scumbobo’s Auto-Pause Pregnancy mod, but this was broken a long time ago by one of EA’s countless mod-ruining patches. I recently downloaded Deaderpool’s MC Command Center, which has the same function, and so much more.

Basically what I did was set up a house with a single woman, and another house with a single man, and they fell in love. He impregnated her, and then I played his lot for three days, allowing her pregnancy to still progress.

The mod has a function that alerts the player when the pregnant Sim is going into labor. The player then has the option to either allow the birth to occur on its own, or keep the labor paused and load the pregnant Sim’s lot in order to continue with the birth. (FYI, this is how I managed the four simultaneous pregnancies for the Breed Out the Ugly Challenge!) So, I would switch over to the mom’s lot, let her give birth, then switch back to the dad’s lot and immediately get her pregnant again. Lather, rinse, repeat, until you have seven babies, all still on day 1 of their lifespan.

The home parent doesn’t have to be a cis female. If you want to make a trans male or nonbinary, agender, etc. Sim who is capable of becoming pregnant, go for it! As well, the father/sperm donor doesn’t have to be the same for each baby – Through the miracle of modern medical Sim science, maybe the home parent got pregnant using sperm from seven different donors. Whatever fits the story you’re going for.

I may come up with a points/scoring system in the future. Or I may just leave it as is, with the overall goal being to just survive without getting any kids taken away. If I do add a points system, I will update this page with the rules for scoring. And I’ll link back to this page in whatever chapter I happen to be posting at the time. Any suggestions on scoring are welcome in the comments!


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