Septuplets Challenge: Chapter 1 – Cry Me a River


Hello, and welcome to the first chapter of what I’m almost certain will be the most infuriating challenge I have ever attempted. If you haven’t already, you can check out the Introduction post to read all the details. This chapter might read a little differently than you’re used to – I’m going to start off with a bit of backstory, some of which I don’t actually have pictures for because I came up with this more than a year after I started playing this Sim. So without further ado…

Here’s the story…

Of a lovely lady…
06-06-17_8-40-36 PM

…Who was bringing up seven fucking babies what the fuck.

06-09-17_4-13-36 PM


Listed in order from left to right, we have Blaze, Rosie, Lila, Alyse, Lucia, Rochelle, and Adrian. Each baby was named, of course, by selecting the first name provided by the in-game randomizer, which is why her son is named fucking Blaze. And of course, their mother, Ember Rojo, also named by the randomizer, which is how you get a redhead named Ember whose last name literally means “red”. I didn’t pick this cheesy name on purpose, guys, I promise.

Not pictured above: Ember’s scumbag ex-fiance, Randall Testaverde.

06-09-17_3-57-27 PM

Brows on fleek, tho.

Randall seemed perfect at first. He was handsome, well-dressed, and romantic. He took her to fancy restaurants, paid for lavish vacations… She wondered sometimes how he could afford it. His tiny house certainly wasn’t an accurate reflection of his lifestyle. But he said he had a good job as a regional manager at Dewey, Cheatam, & Howe. She figured it must pay well.

Ember wasn’t keen on trying to get pregnant before they were even married, but Randall said he wanted to be a father – said he wanted a son to carry on his legacy, and couldn’t wait to start trying. But she was having trouble conceiving. What’s a family-oriented Sim to do? She found a doctor who was willing to let her try an experimental fertility treatment – and it worked!.

She found out she was indeed pregnant – with septuplets. She called Randall hoping to tell him the good news, but suddenly, he was nowhere to be found. At first she thought, maybe he’s on another last minute business trip, and didn’t think anything of it.

But after a week when he hadn’t returned or even called, she was getting worried. She went to his house to try and find some sign of his whereabouts. Instead, she found gadgets, night vision goggles, weapons, and a closet full of expensive tuxes. He had been lying this whole time. He wasn’t a regional manager, he was a goddamned secret agent! Tucked back on a shelf behind a row of James Bond tuxes, she found a box full of mementos – from the other women he’d been woohooing behind her back!

Ember was furious. She called and left a message saying she still wasn’t pregnant, that she wanted to try again. And hey, what do you know, suddenly he was back in town! But when she answered the door, he knew immediately that he’d made a mistake.

06-09-17_7-42-08 PM

Hell hath no fury like a babymomma’s scorn.

She told him what she’d found. He was shocked. He tried to deny it, but she wasn’t having it.
06-09-17_7-47-17 PM

So next he turned on the waterworks, spewing out crocodile tears and “I’m so sorrys.”

06-09-17_7-45-45 PM

Still not having it.

When that didn’t work, he dropped the act, finally revealing himself as the sociopath he’d been all along. His face went cold, with a look of malice she had never seen before.
06-09-17_7-46-05 PM

She told him to leave. Out on the front porch, he suddenly turned apologetic again. He pleaded for her to give him another chance. He could change!

06-09-17_7-39-34 PM

Amount of fucks given by Ember: 0.

Finally, he grew enraged. He screamed obscenities and lunged toward Ember, but stopped just short of hitting her.  To this day, she believes that the only thing that kept him from attacking her was the fact that the neighbors could see.
06-09-17_7-41-12 PM

After that stunt, she was done. She slammed the door and locked it behind her, leaving him slumped and defeated on the porch. It was the last time she ever saw or spoke to him.

06-09-17_7-43-33 PM

Is it bad that I find it extremely satisfying that he looks so dejected?

Hoooo! I did not know I was going to write such a dramatic backstory when I started this chapter. Or that I am apparently so cool with breaking the fourth wall so casually. Aaaaanyway.

Fast forward nine months (how time flies, it really only felt like three days!), and Ember’s got herself a whole room fulla babies. She starts off her day by breastfeeding each one, starting with Adrian. The game finds this obscene enough to censor, because she’s obviously being such a SLUT.

06-09-17_4-15-47 PM

Like… What is there even to censor, it’s not like Sims have nipples.

Ember obviously can’t afford daycare for seven infants, so she’s unable to work. Currently, she has almost $3,500, which is certainly enough for one adult to live on for a while. But with seven kids, it won’t last long. So she uses what little spare time she has to work on her paintings, which she sells for extra cash.
06-09-17_7-54-15 PM

Did I neglect to mention that she also has the insane trait? So sometimes she just kind of… does… this.

06-09-17_7-59-48 PM

Cool, cool, good to know.

Her painting time doesn’t last long today. A really fun side effect of feeding every baby at the same time, is that they all poop at the same time. And also, sometimes they just poop whenever.

06-09-17_7-55-04 PM

The whole room is filled with noxious green fumes.

After she goes down the line changing all seven diapers, Adrian starts crying for food again. And then Rochelle, and then Lucia… As soon as Ember starts feeding one baby, the next one starts crying. Eventually, she can’t keep up and has multiple babies crying at once. This cycle repeats multiple times throughout the day.

06-09-17_8-05-41 PM

I can’t even handle the obscenity in this picture.

Finally, they’ve all stopped crying for a while. At 8:40 p.m., Ember has enough time to enjoy half a grilled cheese sandwich while watching the World Culture Network. She looks shellshocked.

06-09-17_8-08-05 PM

So… much… poop.

Aaaaand, Rosie’s crying again.

06-09-17_11-08-00 PM.png

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Ember Rojo (Spanish for red) has a daughter named Rosie Rojo? Rosie Red. COOL NAME, BRO.

She’s tried everything, and somehow, making this face is the only thing that will console her.

06-09-17_11-10-43 PM.png

Or possibly she’s just losing her mind.

At 11:00, after putting Rosie back to bed and changing Alyse’s diaper, Ember can be found in the shower. Crying.

06-09-17_11-14-27 PM

Who doesn’t love a good shower cry?

Oh haaaaaale no. Ain’t nobody got time for your bullshit tonight, Vlad. I swear, this guy is at every Sim’s door, every night, in every save file I have. Fuck this guy.

06-09-17_11-50-23 PM.png

Unless you wanna help change diapers, then by all means, let yourself in! Oh wait. YOU CAN’T. BECAUSE YOU WEREN’T FUCKING INVITED. OOOOH, VAMPIRE BURN.

An hour later, he’s still at it. Give it a rest, dude.

06-09-17_11-58-17 PM

One time, Vlad showed up to my scientist Sim’s house while he was sleeping, and broke into the fucking house to drink his blood “plasma”. So I had the scientist use the freeze ray on him. He thawed out after sunrise and died. My most shining achievement in the Sims 4 to date.

Ember finally manages to go to bed and get some shut-eye. But she’s fallen into such a deep sleep, she doesn’t wake up when not one but three of her babies are crying.

06-10-17_12-03-17 AM

During times like these, I wonder what my neighbors think when they hear a chorus of screaming babies coming from my apartment.

So I’ve swapped the full size wall joining the bedrooms for a half wall, and replaced the door with an archway. Hopefully now she’ll hear it from her bed? I don’t know if the game actually works that way.

06-10-17_12-05-10 AM

More likely, all I’ve done is ensured that she will go out of her way to put every single dirty plate on top of that ledge when she’s done eating.

Sure, Ember, stop mid-feeding cycle to do this bullshit with a question mark over your head, that’s totally what I wanted you to do right now! How are you route-failing? There’s nothing in your way. The room is literally a straight line of babies.

06-10-17_12-19-02 AM.png

You’ve got three more kids to feed and three diapers to change, what the fuck are you even doing right now.

Meanwhile, outside Ember’s House… Something has gone terribly glitchy in my game, and is causing all of the expansion pack characters to wear different clothes than their original defaults.

06-10-17_12-24-01 AM

I just don’t know how to react to that outfit. Or the flower in Caleb Vitore’s hair.

What is the damn problem with Rosie?? I swear this kid has colic or something. She cries more often than any other baby.
06-10-17_12-28-40 AM

Welp. Confirmed that the half wall and arch don’t work. Adrian’s in here wailing away and Ember’s still sawing logs in the next room over.

06-10-17_12-35-27 AM

Though I can’t say I’d blame her if she was just pretending not to hear him…

Sorry Ember, but you’ve lost your wall privileges.
06-10-17_12-38-43 AM

Okay, fuck it, no wall. She is still sleeping through the crying.

06-10-17_12-45-54 AM.png

And still feeding her babies in the sluttiest way possible.

Now Adrian’s the problem child. He won’t stop crying even though he’s been freshly changed and fed. Plus, Rochelle has a dirty diaper, and Alyse is crying for reasons unknown as well. I don’t even know how many days into this we are anymore, they just blend together because Ember is constantly tending to the babies. I think it’s almost their birthday…

06-10-17_12-36-21 PM

Dear god, I hope it’s almost their birthday…

It just won’t end today. Now we have Blaze, Lila, Alyse, and Rochelle crying simultaneously. All fed, all changed, all screaming. It’s like a nightmare.

06-10-17_12-42-45 PM

On the plus side, Ember’s parenting skill is already at 5.

It’s been four hours now of nonstop crying, feeding, changing, and silly-face-making. Rosie will NOT. STOP. CRYING. Ember is losing it. Her hunger meter is in the yellow and her fun is in the red. The only glimmer of hope is the notification that today is Blaze’s birthday – meaning that the other six notifications will follow within the next twenty-four hours, and we can finally age these little assholes up.

06-10-17_1-02-01 PM.png

I don’t even feel bad about calling them assholes.

Finally, finally(!), they all stop crying long enough for Ember to sit down in front of the TV with a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s after 6:00 pm, and this is the first thing she’s eaten all day.

06-10-17_1-08-19 PM

Note the plate from yesterday’s grilled cheese, still sitting out on the table, emitting stink clouds.

But her quiet dinner doesn’t last long. She flinches as Alyse and Rochelle both start crying in stereo.

06-10-17_1-09-45 PM

“Can I just watch the fucking cooking channel in peace?!”

Oh thank god. Ember has reached parenting skill level 6. She’s finally gained the ability to see what her babies need. And we’ve gotten three more birthday notifications. Only four to go and we can finally age these screaming poop factories up.

06-10-17_1-36-11 PM

“Who’s mommy’s little shitmaker? You are! You are!

Ember’s fun level is in the yellow again, and her energy is in the red. And those last three birthday notifications have yet to come. She’s at the end of her rope.

06-10-17_1-39-50 PM

I feel ya, girl, I really do.

Even with no wall to separate her from the babies’ room, Ember still fucking sleeps through the crying! I give up.

06-10-17_1-46-27 PM.png

Note that, despite sleeping, her plumbob is still orange.

Now that Ember can check to see why her babies are crying, it turns out they’re all low on socialization. Despite the constant feeding, changing, rocking, and silly faces. What a bunch of needy babies! But on the plus side, I just got the notification for Lucia and Rochelle’s birthday. Only Adrian is left! And then finally, sweet, sweet freedom.

06-10-17_1-51-04 PM


Ember is now close to hitting rock bottom. It’s 5:46 in the morning, her fun is extremely low, her hygiene is low enough that she’s emitting stink clouds, and she’s about to pass out. Dear god, let Adrian’s birthday notification come soon.
06-10-17_1-59-58 PM


Adrian's Birthday

Yeah, time sure fucking flies, doesn’t it?

So I hate to leave you all on a cliffhanger buuuut… That’s exactly what I’m going to do. I hope you liked the first chapter of this new challenge. I’m having a lot of fun with it so far, when I’m not cursing and tearing my hair out. Tune in next time to see what kind of toddlers these assholes grow up to be. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!

06-10-17_1-55-16 PM

And neither can Ember!

Thanks as always for reading, and until next time, happy Simming!


Septuplets Challenge: Introduction and Rules


Hey guys! As I mentioned in my last post, real life and the Breed out the Ugly Challenge had me so overwhelmed, I didn’t post for a year. But I’ve been getting back into the Sims again, and with the new Parenting game pack I’ve been wanting to try a few different challenges. So while I will of course continue blogging the Gross family’s saga, I will also be blogging at least one other challenge, as more of a just-for-fun thing.

I’m going to start with what I’m calling the Septuplets Challenge.

06-06-17_11-39-22 PM

Even just looking at this picture, I’m already getting anxiety.

I don’t claim to have invented this concept or anything. I’ve found a couple of variations on this. The Seven Toddler Challenge was pretty popular after the toddler update came out. You can find James Turner’s original video here or view the basic rules here. But my version has a twist… I’m starting off with seven babies. I did find one blogger doing this in Sims 3 for a series they called Septomom, which I found thoroughly entertaining.

Fair warning: I’m making this up as I go. Here are the basic rules I’ve come up with:

  • Start off with one adult and seven babies. Mods* (or possibly cheats?) are necessary to accomplish this.
  • I’m playing on the normal lifespan.
  • I’m avoiding custom content/mods that would make items significantly cheaper or offer a higher motive increase than the standard in-game items – the exception is the parent’s bed. Because there is no way a parent of seven is going to get enough sleep on those cheap Maxis beds. If you want to be stricter or looser with this rule, go ahead. The kids are still super difficult to care for, regardless.
  • No money or motive cheats.
  • No aspiration rewards like the Sleep Replacement potion. I think traits like Speedy Cleaner and Frugal and any of the ones that boost the skill points earned are okay, but no rewards that fulfill basic needs or slow down need decay.
  • No nannies, maids, or butlers. You can hire a repairman/woman if you want (because honestly what normal person knows how to fix a fridge anyway?), but I’m trying to avoid it
  • The mysteriously free “daycare” option is definitely not allowed.
  • The donor parent cannot visit and help with any parenting duties.
  • Guests are not allowed until after the toddler stage is complete – as guests tend to butt in and try to care for the children.
  • The home parent cannot leave the home lot while the children are still babies. During the toddler and child stage, all seven children would have to go with the parent. Or if they’re at school, the parent can leave but must be back before the children arrive home. Because this is Amurrica, land of “no child left behind”.
  • The home parent can roam the home neighborhood (while the home lot is still the active lot) to collect items or interact with other Sims, but it’s best to stay close to the house during the baby and toddler stages.
  • The home parent can’t have a job outside the home. Honestly, I don’t know that they’ll have time to even try a stay-at-home job from the City Living pack, but try it if you dare – just don’t let them leave the house without taking all seven kids.
  • The home parent and children are allowed and encouraged to make money at home from any hobbies, collecting objects, etc.
  • The only exceptions for earning money are dates and frog breeding. The parent cannot sell the ice bucket thingies from gold level dates. Frogs can be collected from the wild and sold, but the can’t be bred. That would just be too easy, if you have eight people breeding $120 Whirlyflower frogs every day. The exception to the frog breeding restriction is if a Sim has the Curator aspiration. They can breed strategically for the sake of completing the collection, but not just to breed expensive frogs to sell.
  • None of the children can be aged up early, at any life stage. They’re septuplets, after all, it wouldn’t make sense for some of them to be at different life stages than their siblings. They can be aged up with birthday cake once the game has announced “It’s So-and-So’s birthday!” for all seven children.
  • Above all, the goal of the challenge is survival and avoiding any children being taken away by Social Services.
  • I haven’t decided yet if the challenge ends when the kids age up to teens, or if I’ll make it last until young adulthood. If you don’t have the Parenting pack, it might not be much of a challenge after the teen stage, as teens are 100% capable of taking care of themselves.

*Regarding the mods I used: I started off using scumbobo’s Auto-Pause Pregnancy mod, but this was broken a long time ago by one of EA’s countless mod-ruining patches. I recently downloaded Deaderpool’s MC Command Center, which has the same function, and so much more.

Basically what I did was set up a house with a single woman, and another house with a single man, and they fell in love. He impregnated her, and then I played his lot for three days, allowing her pregnancy to still progress.

The mod has a function that alerts the player when the pregnant Sim is going into labor. The player then has the option to either allow the birth to occur on its own, or keep the labor paused and load the pregnant Sim’s lot in order to continue with the birth. (FYI, this is how I managed the four simultaneous pregnancies for the Breed Out the Ugly Challenge!) So, I would switch over to the mom’s lot, let her give birth, then switch back to the dad’s lot and immediately get her pregnant again. Lather, rinse, repeat, until you have seven babies, all still on day 1 of their lifespan.

The home parent doesn’t have to be a cis female. If you want to make a trans male or nonbinary, agender, etc. Sim who is capable of becoming pregnant, go for it! As well, the father/sperm donor doesn’t have to be the same for each baby – Through the miracle of modern medical Sim science, maybe the home parent got pregnant using sperm from seven different donors. Whatever fits the story you’re going for.

I may come up with a points/scoring system in the future. Or I may just leave it as is, with the overall goal being to just survive without getting any kids taken away. If I do add a points system, I will update this page with the rules for scoring. And I’ll link back to this page in whatever chapter I happen to be posting at the time. Any suggestions on scoring are welcome in the comments!